eca architects & associates

eca architects and associates was founded in 1997.  Working on all types of architectural projects and with an in-depth knowledge and experience, we are the choice for those who value quality, creativity and distinction. We deliver comprehensive personalized and professional services, while providing our clients with great value for money.

Communication is the foundation of great work. At eca architects and associates, we take pride in building long-term relationships with our clients, working closely together to design buildings that express a sense of place achieving cost-effective solutions of the highest standard.

Using a range of tools from simple freehand sketches to fully integrated BIM system, we bring across our ideas and ensure clarity at every stage of project work.  Our Hyper- building models can be viewed with BIMx app on a mobile, notebook or desktop, allowing to virtually explore the architectural project and further improving comprehension of our solutions.

Thinking of Future, we pay great attention to sustainability of our projects by introducing innovative design technologies and solutions and implementing long-lasting and economically viable solutions that help to save energy, reduce waste and result in better, smarter, more competitive built environment.

Simplicity is at the heart of good design, but achieving it can often prove difficult due to various technical and organizational challenges. Our designers are experienced in overcoming such challenges developing solutions that are both elegant and functional. We create buildings and spaces that enhance human experience, health and wellness and enrich people’s lives.


-Architectural Services

-Interior Design

-Surveying Study

-Landscape Design

-Geological Surveying

-Energy Efficiency Design

-Quantity Survey

-Civil Engineering

-Electrical Engineering

-Mechanical Engineering

-Visualization and 3D Animation


Head Architect

Evangelos Chr. Afxentiou

BA (Hons), Dip. Arch , ARB / RIBA Part 1 & 2

The University of Huddersfield & Canterbury School of Architecture (KIAD)

Design Architect

Marios Ermogenides

Bachelor of Science (Architecture)

 City University of New York (CCNY)

Design Architect

Nicolas Yiasemis

MEng (Hons) Architecture and Environmental Design, Master of Architecture (MArch), ARB / RIBA PART 1 & 2

University of Nottingham

Architectural Assistant

Adamos Nicolaou

BA (Hons) , Master of Architecture (MArch), ARB / RIBA PART 1 & 2

Manchester School of Architecture (MSA)


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